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What's New for POWER OF RHYTHM


Once again, Power of Rhythm presents Sticks&Stones...the dynamics of bullying...an outreach production for teens...taking it to the Secondary School level with our powerful multi-cultural, multi-genre "anti-bullying teaching songs."

On April 20, 2006, at Mountain Secondary School, we will have performed for 50,000 kids over the past 4 years! There will be a short acknowledgement of that student, and our major sponsors at that show.

Once again, thanks to all our sponsors. We couldn't do it without you! Your on-going support is what enables us to continue to offer the schools free performances.
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A recent letter from Viscount Montgomery School:

Thursday, December 2, 2006

Hi Fred:

Formally, on behalf of Viscount Montgomery Elementary School, I would like to thank you and Ms. Kavanagh for a fantastic performance. The approximately 350 Grade 4-8 students showed their delight with your efforts on Thursday 2 December both by their behaviour and participation during your show, and their comments afterwards.

As you know, the Viscount Mongomery school and community have been touched by several tragedies in the last 5 months. The Power of Rhythm with its "Random Acts of Kindness Challenge" fit in perfectly with ours school's encouragement to students to be sensitive and helpful in response to those tragedies. in fact, coincidentally, we chose "random acts of kindness" as one of our focuses for this year.

In addition, your message of cultural harmony by highlighting the common themes amoung world cultures using music, specifically the drum and dancing, really helps to further the cultural harmony already found in the increasingly culturally diverse Viscount Mongomery School community. Your performance also advance the curriculum as viewing drama and dance performances are expectations in the Ontario Curriculum.

I endorse the Power of Rhythm as a most worthwhile presentation. Viscount Mongomery students, staff and community representatives (the Chair of our Home and School Association was in attendance and spoke highly of her experience afterwards) were delighted!


Doug Dunford, M.A. , M. Ed. Principal, Viscount Montgomery

This letter was kindly sent to our presenting sponsor, Hamilton Folk Arts Heritage Council, from Roxborough Park Elementary School.

"On behalf of the staff and students at Roxborough Park School. I would like to thank you for bringing the magic of the POWER OF RHYTHM to our school.

We were treated to this presentation on the afternoon of November 8, 2002. The presentation/workshop was not only entertaining, but was also very informative.

We are a diverse school with many cultures represented. This performance had our entire school population feeling proud of their background, whatever it was.

Both Fred and Ruth were very professional and involved the children in the performance, but at the same time demonstrated effective crowd control.

Roxborough Park is a community of limited funds. By supporting this presentation financially, you gave our students a wonderful opportunity that they may not have been able to experience otherwise.

Please forward my thanks to the other supporters, Intuit WorldWide, Pongetti's Musical Instruments, and Office Art Supply.
Thank you again for this wonderful experience.

Mrs. L. Romano