Power of Rhythm
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Welcome to the Power of Rhythm Multi-Cultural Show 2002-2006 World Peace Tour....

We reached our goal of 140 shows in 4 years and 50,00000 Kids and Adults

Thank You! to our Sponsors and everyone’s Support!!

"Experience the magic of the Power of Rhythm and embrace the playful and inspired "Elemental Native" your very own "inner child" through this dynamic, enlightening and entertaining, "hands-on" and self-taught multi-cultural musical exploration."

Using the Medicine Wheel of our own First Nation's People, the Power of Rhythm Multi-Cultural Show explores the elemental, playful and intuitive origins of Asian, Caucasian, African and Native World folk music, story-telling, song and dance.

Laugh, sing, dance and learn! Join us on-stage as we celebrate and honour our cultural heritage, harmony, and common ground, as well as our diversity!

Using the Drum as the elemental "heart-beat" of music, we will experience some of the teachings and mythologies of the 4 races through the ancient art of the narrator-story-teller, who, with a 'twist of a tale, throws in a few pointed and playful social commentaries of her own, as well!

The elemental, magical, and dynamic Power of Rhythm has something for EVERYONE!

Contact us for your next concert, corporate event, dinner theatre,or our special school "show&tell work-shop shows."

Fred May Composer / Ruth Kavanagh Artistic Director